Welcome to Qui'hamor!

Welcome to the Qui'hamor website. Qui'hamor is a D20 campaign setting published under the Open Game License. It is a world of riddles, magic, and the common races. You can use the whole or any part of it, for anything you'd like. Below are several links to the various documents available.

PDF Atlas PDF Handbook XHTML Handbook

Spread the wor(l)d! (preferable through this link). If you have any questions about Qui'hamor, you can contact me through the following e-mail address: quihamor # jeroenheijmans.nl (the format is an attempt to keep out spammers crawling the web for my e-mail addresses; remove the spaces and replace the '#' with an '@' to get my actual address). If you'd like the source to the World map (i.e. with layers, texts, etc) use the same address to contact me.